How to Use Social Media for Business Marketing

As social media sites such as Facebook have become extremely popular within the society, it has also made online business's start to grow in popularity as well. Facebook has now conveniently provided users with a business page option where you can promote your new products, upcoming sales and you can link viewers to your business website. This way everyone can view all of your products and order them directly from the actual business website. If you are wondering what steps to take to creating a successful pottery business page through Facebook, below is a step by step guide.

Step 1- Create Your page.
While you are setting up your new business page be sure to add in all of the smallest details you can think of about your business such as name, address, phone number, email, what type of pottery pieces you sell and even how you got started in the pottery business.

Step 2- Creating Posts.
Before promoting your page you should first create a few posts about yourself and the business, or post about any upcoming sales you may have. This way when people start joining your page, they will have something to actually read or view.

Step 3- Share and Request.
Now that your information and products are able to be viewed on your new feed, you can start sharing your page with your friends and family and start requesting other users as well.

Step 4- Keep Your Page Updated.
Anytime you create a new product or lower a price on a pottery piece, be sure to create a quick post to show everyone what is being offered. If the item catches someones eye, they may share your post, which in return will be passed amongst hundreds of others, resulting in a purchase.