Flowers and Pottery

Filling a pottery shop with a variety of pots, plates and vases in different colors and shapes is a wonderful way to make a living, but some customers need a bit more to help them make a purchase. Rather than leaving everything up to their imagination, it is sometimes helpful to show them just how useful a pot or vase can be in the home. Flowers are one way to solve this dilemma, and they can brighten up the shop as well.

Pottery mimics nature in that no two hand-crafted pieces are exactly alike, and flowers have the same attribute. Combining these two elements makes a wonderful display, and it will give customers an idea of how they might best use a particular piece of pottery at home. It helps them to see how combinations of flowers can be matched with different pots.

Flowers with short stems are perfect to place in small pots, and they can help bring out the colors of the glaze with just the right amount of light. A dark green pot could look rather solemn sitting on the shelf, but adding a few bright red or yellow flowers will cheer it up. A tall white vase looks elegant by itself, but adding red flowers for contrast brings out the beauty of the white glaze and enhances the shine. Even a solid black vase that is a bit stocky can become a showpiece with bright green foliage.

There are many different ways to embellish pottery in a shop, and taking the time to add this element will show a proprietor cares about their products. Rather than having too many choices, a customer will feel there are endless possibilities. It will help them find the perfect pot for each room of their home, and they are more likely to find a selection that suits them.