Enchanting Pottery Displays

Pottery shops are generally small, and keeping enough stock in the showroom may be difficult when creating displays. There should always be a wide variety available, but it does take up a lot of space. Small displays are best, and they can be quite effective if they are done correctly. The first step is taking into account why customers buy pieces, and understanding that they are often looking for accessories that will make their home more inviting.

A small dining table set with place mats, pottery dishes and cups creates a wonderful display, and customers will appreciate the effort. They will spend more time considering the pieces, and they may be more likely to make a purchase of the displayed set because they can now visualize how it will look in their home. If they are experiencing difficulty in deciding, offering to reset the table with the pottery of their choice may help them choose to make a purchase.

Many pottery items are used as accessories, and tall bookcases can be a big help to a shop owner. Mixing unique pottery vases with books and other knickknacks on the shelves will show them to their best advantage, and it is a good way to help the customer visualize the piece they are seeing in their home. While this does take up space, it helps the shop gain sales by highlighting pieces that might go unnoticed if they are mixed in with other items of the same size or colour.

There are many different ways to make a pottery piece stand out, and it is best to match them with items that might be used in the home. Hand-crafted pieces such as table runners, placemats and doilies are good accessories to highlight pottery. These items can be bought from local crafters or sold on commission, so the shop prospers with a variety of items for sale.