Changing Pottery Displays

Many small shops suffer from a lack of movement in their products, and customers who see the same items for sale will generally not buy. This is an issue for specialty stores, and pottery shops fall into this category. Keeping potential customers interested in products is always important, but slow sales may make it seem impossible. It is not as difficult as it sounds, and even a small pottery shop has options available to them.

While the basic shape and contents of the store may be the same every week, it is important to move items around. Different areas of any room will have variations in light and space, so moving pieces into another area may make them look more appealing. Even if only one or two items in each display are moved, it makes the shop look more prosperous. This encourages customers to see that the pottery has value, and they are much more likely to buy when they feel that way.

It is a common practice of even large stores to move their displays on a regular basis, and small shops need to learn this technique if they want to be successful. It is important to occasionally trade out accessories and mix in new ones to make displays look fresh. Even rearranging the pieces within a display will make them look more desirable, and this will have a noticeable effect on customers who enter the shop on a regular basis.

It is never a good idea to remove pieces from the shopping area because a customer will not buy what they do not see. Pottery is generally considered a visual shopping experience, and customers need to see an item to decide if it will fit into a space at their home or office. One more way to keep customers interested is to make note of items they are seeking and try to find an artist who can create what they seek.