3 Tips to Selling Your Bone China Ware

Where do you start to market your wares?  You have your own shop but are there other marketing channels worthwhile exploring?

1. Never underestimate an auction.
Even though auctioning sites can be stressful when the bids are not seemingly getting any higher, never underestimate that last hour before the auction ends. Right when an item is about to close is when bidders start to come out of the wood works. Although you may not see many bidders prices, they are still there watching the auction, waiting to put in their first, hopefully successful bid. So before you throw in the towel and end an auction before your bone china is sold for the minimal amount, have patience and watch the bids rise.

2. Join a site that allows you to sell your own products.
In the world of internet, there are hundreds upon thousands of sites you can join to sell your antique items and valuable items. The only trick to selling online is finding the most compatible site for what you are selling. For instance when you are trying to find a site to sell your bone china on, first start by seeking a site for that particular item. If you are looking to sell other items along with the bone china, sites such as Ebay and Etsy would be a perfect match for your selling needs.

3. Visit local pawn shops and antique dealers.
Although pawn shops and antique dealers may not be the ideal spot to sell your bone china if you are looking for a higher sales price, they are most certainly great places to go for an estimate on what your bone china is worth. So even if you are not looking to sell to these particular type of shops, it is very beneficial to make a quick visit and get an accurate price on what you can sell your china ware for.