Opening Up a Pottery Shop

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If you have years of beautifully made pottery products just sitting around collecting dust in your home, maybe it is time to open up your own personal shop. Having a shop will not only help you to earn money from your hand-crafted products, but it will also help put your name out into the community which in return will bring you new customers and friends.

Below Are a Few Helpful Tips to Running a Pottery Shop:


Keeping your products and store well-maintained is critical to any store owner that wants to keep their existing customers as well as gain new ones. By having a dirty shop, it will leave customers second guessing your professional state and possibly even make them second guess their purchase.

Reasonable Prices.

Even though getting top dollar for any item is ideal, it isn’t always the right thing to do. By giving your customers a reasonable price, it will keep them coming back year after year because of your great deals. There is a great possibility as well that those customers will pass your business’s name along to their friends when a compliment is given about their newly bought pottery piece.

Keeping Items in Stock.

Even though it is difficult to keep every item at your pottery shop in stock, it is crucial to at least try to have 1-2 extras on the shelf. For times that you do not have items in stock for your customers, it is crucial to have an ordering option to insure them that you will create the piece for them in a fashionable amount of time.

Make The Most of Your Shop.

A great way to earn a higher price for your pottery pieces is by allowing customers to pre-order a piece that is designed by them. To do this you can simply create a catalog that supplies customers with views of every color paint, clay types and different designs that they can use for their creation you will be supplying them with.